Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Picking What Kind of Nurse You Want to Be

Being a professional nurse fortunately leads you to pick from many diverse degrees to start your career. There are many options to pick what kind of nurse you want to be because they all require different parts of education. There are a lot of possibilities when you decide to take up a career as being a professional nurse.

A vocational nurse, otherwise known as a licensed practical nurse is the starting level for nursing. Having a general education diploma, or just completing high school is the start to becoming a licensed practical nurse. Schooling for a licensed practical nurse can be found at any community college or vocational school. The teaching that you need to complete will only take about one year if you study hard in a good nursing school. After finishing up with the program for practical nursing you need to complete a state licensing exam and pass it. For a year's education you make a decent entry level salary which is around $35,000 a year. The training for a licensed practical nurse is to help them be able to do simple task sot help patients.

Making more money and having more responsibility is part of being a registered nurse. To be a registered nurse, you will need to have an associate of nursing degree which you can get from a local community college. If you study hard, it will only take two years to finish an associate of nursing degree. A NCLEX test is required for a registered nurse to be able to work in their state. You will have many work opportunities once you pass the NCLEX and become an official registered nurse. Being a registered nurse will have a yearly salary of $50,000, which is higher because of the increased schooling. A registered nurse will be more involved with patients.

A Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree is the next step for a registered nurse. Many registered nurses receive aid from the hospitals they work at to further their education. There are specific nursing programs that help nurses get their bachelors degree. Two to four years is the typical amount of time it will take for a nurse to get their bachelor's degree. Four years is how long it will take for a person who has not done anything with nursing yet to complete the bachelor's degree. With a bachelor's degree the nurse will have more knowledge on nursing.

After a nurse has a bachelor's degree they can work to get an advanced practice degree. A specialized nursing degree at a college of nursing, such as the Master's of Science in Nursing, can be obtained by a nurse. An advanced practice nurse is better trained, so they get a better income. If you attend school full time you can complete a master's degree in two years. Nurses have to work hard to achieve their degree. A person will have many decisions when becoming a nurse.

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